Free ECG Course for the NCLEX

Free ECG Course! This past summer I put together an amazing ECG course to help prepare students for the NCLEX-RN exam, and I want to give it away for FREE! (at least for now 🙂 It includes a 20-page handout that you will have to print and 1 hour of lecture videos that you … Continue reading Free ECG Course for the NCLEX

KoaPine Newsletter 10/23/17

I had some exciting things happen last week! Medication Webinars This past week, I finished up my five medication webinars. It was a 2-week intensive study course. For each webinar my students and I focused on about four body systems. I highlighted the important information and then as a group we practiced NCLEX questions together … Continue reading KoaPine Newsletter 10/23/17

I Failed the NCLEX and Don’t Know What to Study!

  Updated Oct, 2017 It happened. You failed the NCLEX and can't even imagine taking your books out. Where do you start? Page 1? If you tell your instructors at school that you failed, they will probably just tell you to A) practice more questions or B) review the test plan, or both A & … Continue reading I Failed the NCLEX and Don’t Know What to Study!