KoaPine Newsletter 10/23/17

I had some exciting things happen last week! Medication Webinars This past week, I finished up my five medication webinars. It was a 2-week intensive study course. For each webinar my students and I focused on about four body systems. I highlighted the important information and then as a group we practiced NCLEX questions together … Continue reading KoaPine Newsletter 10/23/17

KoaPine NCLEX Newsletter 10/6/17

October 6, 2017 Hi Nursing Friends, I'm seriously going to attempt my weekly newsletter. It's important to me because I want you all to know what I'm up to and how I'm helping students pass the NCLEX Nursing exam, since I am border-line obsessed with this test. This week I found out a lovely student … Continue reading KoaPine NCLEX Newsletter 10/6/17