KoaPine Newsletter 10/23/17


I had some exciting things happen last week!

Medication Webinars

This past week, I finished up my five medication webinars. It was a 2-week intensive study course. For each webinar my students and I focused on about four body systems. I highlighted the important information and then as a group we practiced NCLEX questions together to see how the content would be applied.

I’m currently giving away my medication handouts. It is seriously years of work and experience, multiple sources, and hundreds and hundreds of NCLEX practice questions to write my med handouts. Here’s the link to get them for FREE:


Students Passed NCLEX-RN

I had 1, 2, 3 students pass the NCLEX last week! Not only does that mean that these hardworking students are now going to become hard-working Registered Nurses, but it also means I can take on at least one more student. Congratulations to my students from Arizona, Ohio and Massachusetts out there celebrating/job hunting and already starting a new job in the medical ICU! Here are their amazing testimonials from these hard-working students:


Online Live Courses specifically for repeat test-takers

There’s so many of you and only one of me!! Thank you to everyone that is contacting me for tutoring. Yes, there is a wait list and I do randomly take students right away. Because of this demand, I am working on offering an online live course (webinars) for those that are specifically repeating the NCLEX-RN Exam. However, the med webinars exhausted me so I am taking a break to get re-charged and will let you know when I have them ready.

ECG e-course

I have a “phenomenal” ECG e-course available. It is the absolute best if you want to actually understand EKGs and get those heart rhythm NCLEX questions right. Preview the handout, watch the promo video, the free lecture on ventricular rhythms and question rationales to get a sense of how I teach. If you like it, use the coupon code to get 25% off to watch the entire 2-hour course, write the notes and practice some NCLEX questions with me. It is very anyone that is going to be taking the NCLEX and did not get proper instruction in school on how to read ECGs. I learned from the best and now you can learn from me!

promo link: https://vimeo.com/239473901

signup: http://koapine.teachable.com/p/ecg

Coupon Code: 25ECG

I will be back with some more great news.  Until then, thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoy your week.


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