prologopic  Justine Buick, MSN, RN

Welcome to my blog about the nursing exam called the NCLEX! This is the exam nursing students must take in order to become a Registered Nurse in the United States or Canada. I have a healthy obsession with the NCLEX which has turned into a passion for helping students pass the NCLEX, especially repeat test takers or high-risk students.

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I began private NCLEX tutoring as “the NCLEX tutor” and I’m also the owner and founder of KoaPine™ Tutoring & Test Prep, a company that focuses on repeat test takers, high-risk students and those determined to pass the NCLEX exam the first time. I have been helping students pass the NCLEX for over eight years! I still continue to provide private tutoring, but now offer live webinars and e-courses for a more well-rounded test prep.

Three years ago, when I became a private tutor, most of the students that were contacting me were repeat test takers. I quickly realized that students came to me totally lost and needed some serious direction or else they would never pass. I put together study plans, figured out the best way to teach students to analyze questions and directed students where to find the best resources for content. When I couldn’t find any good resources for students to learn ECGs and medications, I began putting together content and practice questions, then presenting that content using webinars and e-courses. This showed to be a more effective way to learn difficult-to-learn-content than reading it from a book. I realized this was much more than what a tutor would do and KoaPine Tutoring & Test Prep was born.

I earned my Master of Science in Nursing degree with honors from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Immediately after graduation, I began working nights as a bedside nurse on a neuro step-down medical-surgical floor at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. I moved to Hawaii and got a position as a medical-surgical clinical instructor at Hawaii Pacific University after only one year of becoming a Registered Nurse! Hawaii is a diverse place in every imaginable way so as I became more exposed to teaching students of different backgrounds she saw they would have difficulty in passing the NCLEX-RN despite their confidence and ability on the floor. These students would make excellent nurses if they could only pass the NCLEX-RN exam! It was during this time that I started having students practice NCLEX questions to increase their chances of passing the NCLEX.

During this age of nursing exploration, I worked for Kaplan as a NCLEX prep teacher, flu-clinic manager all over Oahu, and a medical-surgical float-nurse in several hospitals: The Queen’s Medical Center, Kahuku Medical Center and North Hawaii Community Hospital. Eventually, I began working as a bedside nurse at Straub Hospital in Honolulu where I originally had taught students. I took care of patients in orthopedics, oncology, infection and general medical-surgical.

After moving back to the Mainland, I continued to teach medical-surgical clinicals outside of Boston for Quincy College. I also did a short stint working for South Shore Hospital and at a long-term care facility in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I quickly realized that my strengths were in teaching and had to choose my next adventure. During this time, I began private tutoring for students struggling to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. It has been an amazing adventure!

I provide tutoring and test prep to students all over the United States and Canada where I meet with them online using Skype, Google hangout or Zoom from my humble World Headquarters outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I have had the pleasure to help multiple students in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, Montana, Ohio, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arizona, Connecticut, Utah, Mississippi, and Canada!

I have helped many students pass the NCLEX, including first-time test takers and repeat test takers who have failed one, two, three, five, six, and seven times! No matter what your cultural, ethnic or educational background, it’s important to be prepared to PASS because the patients need you! I have active R.N. licenses in Massachusetts and Hawaii.

For questions, comments or inquiries about tutoring or test prep, email me at: hi@koapine.com or go to my contact page.

You can also check out my website: www.koapine.com and sign up for my newsletter for all the latest.

Mahalo and thank you for reading!